Located in the heart of downtown Montreal at less than a one minute walk from the Bell Centre and close to all main hotels, Decca77 gives you the opportunity to experience two different cuisines and ambiances in one venue; our fine dining area and our brasserie section. The elegant main dining area features a soaring 20-foot ceiling and open kitchen, permitting a glimpse of the culinary magic behind the scenes.


Our restaurant menu offers you contemporary and creative international cuisine created with local and seasonal products; perfect for an intimate or romantic evening. Our brasserie menu offers fun dining at affordable prices, using fresh and local ingredients; perfect for a quick bite before a night out on the town. To make your dining experience complete, select a wine from our award-winning wine list.


Both menus were created by Jean-Sébastien Giguère and satisfy two types of clientele: those who favour culinary artistry, precision and gastronomic innovation, as well as those who enjoy casual and high quality dining at affordable prices.



Jean-Sébastien entered the cooking world at the age of 15 years old. He developed his palate and ambition to cook from his father and his Italian-born grandmother. He quickly made his way to “l’École Hôtelière de Laval” in 2002, but school wasn’t enough to quench his culinary curiosity. He joined the Derrière les Fagots team in 2002. After leaving his first kitchen, he joined the restaurant Christophe in 2004.


In March 2005, harboring a greater need for experience and knowledge, he joined the renowned Toqué! restaurant. He made it all the way to Chef de Cuisine in 2012, the year which Normand Laprise won the chef of the year title from Maclean’s magazine. During those eight years at Toqué! Jean-Sébastien also opened the famous Cabane à Sucre au Pied de Cochon in 2009 and the Brasserie T! in 2010. In 2013, he decided to leave Toqué! and start a new adventure; running his own kitchen as an executive chef at the downtown restaurant Decca77.


Father to a young girl, Jean-Sébastien still works in the kitchen with the same determination, the same enthusiasm and the same contagious passion. His passion has no limits and he always strives for excellence so that his clients can enjoy his culinary artistry.



Having discovered his passion for cooking at a young age while watching his grandmother and mother cook, Nicholas developed a deep love for the kitchen.


He began his career at PSCA in Ville Lasalle, where he participated in the culinary Olympics. Shortly after the culinary Olympics he was offered a job at DNA Restaurant under chef Derek Damann and learned about the intricacies of charcuterie and the classic techniques of British cuisine.


He was then offered the opportunity of a stage at Le St-Urbain Restaurant under Marc-Andre Royal, with a job offer following. Here, Nicholas was introduced to molecular cuisine where he was taught the precision it required, as well as the different textures that could be developed.


He then went on to work at Monkland Tavern under Stephen Leslie, where he learned about the simplicity of Mediterranean cooking and the respect that you must give to your ingredients. While working with Stephen Leslie, he was asked to assist in the Joe Beef cookbook launch and was introduced to Charles-Antoine Crete, who offered him a position at Toque! Restaurant.


Following the success he had at Toque!, he found it was time to take on another challenge; He decided to follow Jean-Sébastien Giguere to Decca77.


The focus and determination he has in the kitchen shines through in the menus that are both seasonal and local.


Nicholas is always experimenting and developing new cooking techniques, bringing both finesse and creativity to Decca77’s menus.


(514) 934-1077
1077 Rue Drummond, Montréal, QC H3B 4X4